Terms and Conditions of the SARYNA KEY Israel Customer Club on the Online Website

Joining and Membership in the Club

Eligibility: Membership in the SARYNA KEY Israel customer club (hereinafter referred to as “the club”) is open to anyone interested. Membership requests will only be rejected for valid reasons.

Membership Fee: Membership in the club is entirely free, subject to the conditions outlined in these regulations.

Joining Process: To become a club member, individuals must complete the online membership form.

Consent to Promotional Materials: By joining the customer club and providing contact details, you consent to receive promotional materials from SARYNA KEY, unless you explicitly opt-out in writing.

Membership Benefits: Membership and entitlement to club benefits commence immediately upon joining.

Updating Contact Information: Club members must promptly inform the club of any changes to their contact information. The club is not responsible for issues arising from outdated member information.

Accumulating and Redeeming Points and Benefits for Club Members on the Online Website

Point Accumulation: Club members earn credit points for purchases made on the SARYNA KEY Israel website. Points are calculated at a rate of 5% of the purchase value in the currency of the transaction (USD, dollars, euros).

Exclusions: Returning products or monetary credits do not accrue points.

Access to Points: Accumulating and redeeming points requires logging in with a username and password.

Point Redemption: Points can only be used for purchases on SARYNA KEY’s online website.

Point Value: The redemption value of one point is 1 dollar or 1 euro, depending on the currency of the purchase payment.

Redemption Timing: Points can be redeemed starting from the next purchase following their accrual.

Payment Exclusivity: Points can only be used for redemption, and no cash payment can be added. The entire purchase must be exclusively paid for with points.

Point Validity: Points earned from the last purchase are valid for one year.

Promotions: The club reserves the right to offer limited promotions related to point accumulation and redemption.

Additional Benefits: Club members may enjoy unique benefits, early access to sales, product launches, and other promotions at the company’s discretion.

Cancellation of Membership

The company reserves the right to cancel the membership of any club member at its sole discretion. Membership may be terminated for those engaged in legal proceedings with the club or Saryna Key Ishal Ltd., or for individuals whose payment methods were not honored by banks, credit companies, or similar institutions.


Applicability: These regulations apply to all club members registered online.

Termination of Activities: The club may announce the termination of its activities at its sole discretion, provided that the rights accrued by members until the announcement are not affected.

Points Redemption After Termination: In the event of the club’s cessation of operations, members may redeem accumulated points for three months from the date of closure.

Regulation Changes: The club reserves the right to change these regulations at its sole discretion. The new version will become binding on the date of the amendment, provided it does not affect rights accrued by members before the modification. The official version of the regulations is available on the SARYNA KEY Israel website.

By joining the SARYNA KEY Israel customer club, you acknowledge and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.