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Shall we get to know each other?

The founder and CEO of SARYNA KEY, Mike Sebag, first came into contact with African shea butter and its medicinal properties in 2007, and he immediately recognized its benefits.
An African shea tree may take up to 50 years to produce nuts. When shea nuts are cracked, they reveal butter rich in vitamins A, E, and F, essential fatty acids, proteins, and cinnamic acid. In addition to moisturizing dry hair, these natural ingredients promote scalp circulation and prevent future damage.
SARYNA KEY products are inspired by Mrs. Saryna Commodore, the daughter of a pharmacist who spent most of her adult life in Africa, volunteering in native villages and studying their tribal ways of life. Mrs. Commodore discovered the paramedical properties of the shea nut during her years in Africa.
As Mike and Mrs. Commodore collaborated, they encountered imaginative, creative realms and a desire to share the many varied benefits of shea butter with the world.
We proudly launched a variety of new shea butter collections that are individually designed for each hair type:

“Shiny, soft, smooth, well-nourished hair every time.
Frizz-free, light for every type of curl.
Big diversity of products, there is a product for everybody”

Peter Brouwer hair / Netherlands

“Shea products for curly hair are very popular in our salon. They define the curls and give shine – which is not easy to find today in products for curls.”

Zakay brothers / Israel

“The customers love Saryna key’s products, which help them maintain the results of the salon treatment for a long time, and healthy and strong hair.”

Or Ohana / Israel

״One of my favorite products from Saryna Key is:
Repair Butter
This Hair Mask is made for repairing Hair; apart from its incredible texture, Repair Butter is made
for damaged hair but also is color lasting; it helps to fight against color fade at the same time repairing your hair. Shine, Strenght, and Smooth are his characteristics.״

Coco Hair Colorist / France

This product has changed the hairstyling game !

I absolutely fell inlove with SarynaKey after ive seen how it rejuvenated my own hair . As stylists we have worked with multiple hair products and once or maybe twice in our whole career we come across one that just stands out , a true “one in a million” scenario.

Lush Roots Hair Design / South Africa