SARYNA KEY’s™ innovative-formulated Neutralizing Pigment Shampoo harmoniously blends the treating and revitalizing virtues of Shea Butter, one of nature’s purest and richest sources of vitamins A, E, F, amino acids, and keratin. Our shampoo contains natural violet pigments which repair uneven color. It leaves your hair incredibly healthy, evenly colored, ultra moisturized, and radiant. Color-safe.
SARYNA KEY™ No-Yellow Conditioner is ideal for grey, lightened, or discolored hair. Our violet pigment conditioner tones down any undesired yellow hints you may have whilst the highly concentrated Shea Butter, one of nature’s purest and richest sources of keratin and amino acids, revitalizes your hair surface and ensures your hair remains perfectly untangled, ultra-hydrated and silkily soft. Color-safe.
SARYNA KEY’s™ Shea-Oil-formulated Damage Repair Treatment Oil offers a natural source of keratin for repairing your hair. Shea Oil coats your hair and leaves it silkily soft, shiny and optimally moisturized. It is naturally rich in vitamins and amino acids which penetrate hair cuticles to repair and rejuvenate your hair from roots to tips. Our unique formula is ever-so light and is quickly absorbed. Even after your very first use, your hair will be ever-so soft and radiant. Color-safe.