COLOR LASTING SHAMPOO – SARYNA KEY™ Treatment Shampoo harmoniously blends Shea Oil and silk proteins. The virtues of these active ingredients soften your hair, coat it with an ultra-protective layer and delicately seal split ends. The active proteins enhance and fortify the overall texture of your hair. Our low-pH shampoo ensures your hair remains radiant for longer and hinders pigment loss. Leaves your hair ever-so silky, soft and radiant. COLOR LASTING CONDITIONER – SARYNA KEY™ Treatment Conditioner creates an ultra-protective layer which enriches your hair with softeners, vitamins and minerals. In addition to Shea Butter, our conditioner is enhanced with cotton and silk proteins which soften your hair and restore its moisture. Our low-pH conditioner ensures your hair remains protected whilst hindering active pigment loss. Leaves your hair soft, radiant and revitalized.